37 years ago in 1983, Vamp was founded as a woman's cotton underwear brand. Born in a small sewing studio in Thessaloniki by family and friends, Vamp slowly grew to introduce nightwear collections of natural fabric garments for our customers' most precious moments; your time at home. Decades of perfecting the comfort, durability and design of our collections brought Vamp to the international scene of home and leisure fashion for both women and men.  

Produced in the EU, our collections are available in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland and the UK.


VAMP! - Women

Vamp, a word that stands for a woman with a striking allure and an independent, active lifestyle, marked our company's mission in the 1980's. Our signature natural fabrics and designs have since offered women ideal outfit choices for their valuable free time, in and out of home. The range offers supple nightwear, robes, loungewear, elegant sportswear and striking summer dresses. Sizes: S-4XL


Uomo di Vamp, the Men's Collection, caters men who value high-quality natural fabrics to enjoy a good night’s sleep and relaxing moments at home and the gym. The collection offers nightwear and casual sportswear as well as durable underwear, all ensuring perfect fit and high-absorption levels. Sizes: M-XXL

Oneira by Vamp – Women & Men

Meaning “Dreams”, Oneira invites you to the most dreamy pyjama party. Fresh and bright, this 100% Cotton collection, puts you to sleep and wakes you up in the best mood. Affordable yet durable, Oneira will be the dreamworld you will never want to escape. Sizes: Women XS-XXL Men M-XXL